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We get insights into the line-of-sight of brand story-tellers. By bringing to life the consumer, we advocate the value of knowing them. 

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Project Hightlights



Basketball is like a War

What do you do when you meet a young man who's so dedicated to his passion that he wants to make it his life? You document it for posterity, for him, for us and for you.


That's what we did with Chinedu Bowens, a 18yo basketball fanatic from north London, his home-court, TPL, Turn Pike Lane.  A guy who wakes up at 5 am every day to start his regime, trains 12 times a week and epitomises the 10,000 hour theory of success - to realize his dream of making it to the NBA...It's never easy coming from Europe.

His icon is the legend, Michael Jordan and he bases his life on a quote from MJ's book Driven From Within' - 'Nothing of value comes without hard work'. Watch his ambition as he plays at school at his home-from-home TPL and shoots hoops in his shower-slides in the dark.